The College of the Atlantic Council on Foreign Affairs (COFA) is a student organization at College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine.  COFA was formed in Spring 2014 by ten students passionate about international issues.  

Six weeks after founding the group, the students published the inaugural issue of COFA's journal, Outlands.  The first issue included a preface by COA President Darron Collins, an interview with Harvard student and water access advocate DJ Brooks, and articles on international climate negotiations, media coverage of the Ukraine crisis, and the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict.  

In 2014-2015, COFA hosted weekly discussions on current events. Each week, students researched and presented on a topic, from ISIS to Ebola to Ukraine. Every discussion was well attended with thoughtful and insightful comments from all.  Summer 2015 Edition of Outlands was released in early June. 

In Fall 2015, COFA is looking forward to publishing Outlands and continuing weekly discussions.  

College of the Atlantic 
Council on Foreign Affairs



The College of the Atlantic Council on Foreign Affairs (COFA) generates new analysis on global affairs to confront the challenges of our time. Through a public discussion series and triannual journal, COFA encourages diverse voices and new ideas on our campus, in our community, and on our planet.

Ursa Beckford, President and Editor
Christina Tellez, Vice President
Maria Hagen, Treasurer
Leah Kovitch, Co-Editor
Josh Tohn, Outreach Task Force
Gus DenDanto
Galen Hecht
Matthew Kennedy

Alba Mar Rodriguez Padilla
​Margherita Tommasini
Sara Velander
​Mamiko Yamazaki
​Makiko Yoshida
Ken Cline, Faculty Adviser

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