Outlands welcomes submissions from mainly undergraduate students anywhere in the world. Submissions must relate to the topic, covering subjects including international issues, current events, students' overseas experiences, and foreign policy analysis.  

Outlands is not an academic research journal.  We publish work tailored for a wide audience, from persuasive foreign policy analysis to personal narratives inspired by students' international experiences.  Any submissions on our topic are welcome, but they should be written for a wide audience.  We do not have fact-checkers and rarely use footnotes in final essays.     

​All submissions are considered carefully and the best are chosen for each issue.  All students will be contacted whether their piece has been chosen for the current issue or not, and all submissions are retained for consideration for future journals. Students should submit only one piece per issue, but may submit their work any number of times.  

Once the articles have been chosen, we engage authors in a thorough editing process before publication.    

Please contact us anytime with questions.  We are always happy to chat about anything from possible topics and our criteria to current events and the state of the world!


  1. Submissions must relate to the topic—however you define it—but they need not relate to the prompt, which is provided only as an example.  
  2. Depending on the kind of writing, submissions must be clear, concise, thoughtful, insightful, and well-researched.      
  3. Submissions must be between 2,000 and 3,000 words.
  4. All submissions must be in .doc or .docx form (PDF files will not be accepted).
  5. Submit by midnight on the day of the deadline.  
  6. Email submissions to Leah at lkovitch@coa.edu
  7. Citations should be structured according to the Chicago Manual of Style, with references as endnotes not footnotes (however, submissions accessible to a wide audience should not have many citations, and we rarely include citations in final articles).
  8. Do not submit work you have submitted for any other publication.
  9. Place name, email, phone, and institution (if any) on the first page.

Write for Outlands.

Autumn 2016 Issue

June 10, 2015


Borders and Boundaries


The world is full of boundaries—national, geographical, physical, personal. Borders and boundaries permeate international issues, from immigration to nationalism to geopolitics.  But they also shape our personal lives.  We not only encounter physical boundaries, but also construct borders between each other. Winter 2015 issue of Outlands will publish the best submissions on the topic of "Borders and Boundaries."